Holistic nutrition looks at the whole body - that includes your lifestyle, your cooking skill, how busy you are, your budget and your likes/dislikes. We don’t diagnose or use blood tests. Instead, we do a very comprehensive assessment, which includes a detailed list of symptoms. That gives us the top 3 body systems that need support. Once we have that, we then know which nutrients support those systems, and we look for foods that contain those nutrients. We then combine that with the other information to provide personalized meal suggestions and lifestyle recommendations, which could include things such as meditation or hiking in the mountains, or assistance with sleep hygiene. The titles “Dietician” and “Nutritionist” are protected titles for Registered Dieticians, which is a different occupation. RD’s are trained to deal with medically diagnosed illnesses, and provide a standard, medically recommended diet to treat a particular condition.
Because we work with symptoms, which tell us the health of the 10 body systems, we see the results in the improvement of those symptoms. By supporting the body in managing itself, you can expect to see improvements in energy, mental outlook and clarity, digestion, blood sugar balance and symptoms of hormone balance and many other areas, depending on what was affecting you. Weight regulation is something that often occurs, too. Some of these changes start to happen immediately, while others can take a few months before being noticed. Typically we assess, provide initial recommendations, provide some form of follow up, and reassess after 3 months to see not only improvements, but to tweak the recommendations to support the new top 3 systems. While many people have a goal of reducing or eliminating their medications (especially for blood sugar management, mental health and blood pressure), this MUST be managed by your physician! We absolutely do NOT recommend adjusting your medication on your own, without medical supervision!
Kim is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant™ Professional. That means that she has a 1 year diploma in Holistic Nutrition, which she obtained from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Kim is also an experienced massage therapist, and graduated with a 2 year diploma in massage therapy from the Atlantic School of Therapeutic Massage in 2009. She has also taken supplemental training, which includes training in labour support, providing massage for higher risk pregnancies, as well as massage for children and infants.
Maybe. Some insurances will cover it, however, many will not. If you have a health care spending account, it is more likely to cover holistic nutrition consulting. Please contact your insurance provider to see if they will cover all or part of your sessions.
No! Not if you don’t want to. While you may be requested to reduce how often you indulge, or by how much, you should not feel deprived of your favourites - that’s just setting you up for failure. The meal plans are suggestions, only, and show you how you can incorporate healthy foods that provide the nutrients that your body needs into your daily life. If you really don’t like something, you won’t have to eat it. Let me know, and I will take that into account when I make the recommendations. Food is meant to be enjoyable, as well as nourishing. Oh, and chocolate can be healthy! 😉